Comfort Food/Meal Train

The Comfort Food Ministry has three opportunities for volunteers to offer hospitality through the sharing of food.  

Comfort Food Church provides food for church memorial services.  Depending on family requests, this may include salads, sandwiches, hot dishes, and/or dessert.  Due to the nature of this ministry, volunteers may be contacted with short notice.  Usually, this food is delivered to the church.  For more information or to volunteer, please contact Pat Keever, 

Meal Train provides food for church friends and family after a recent illness, hospitalization, or other health-related or crisis situations.  This often includes a main dish, side dish, and dessert.  Usually, this food is delivered to the requesting person’s home.  Depending on the situation, volunteers may be contacted on short notice.  Comfort Food Home uses the Meal Train website to track and notify. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Diana Goss,  

Comfort Food Hospitality provides refreshments for Sunday morning.  Each week a theme will be given and anyone who would like to is asked to bring food for this theme.  The team will set up for service Sunday and are also needed to help with refreshment and coffee service clean up after the 11:15 worship service.  For more information or to volunteer, please contact Justy Wykert,

United Methodist Men

Contact Mike Wilson at

Men, it’s like half-time at a football game, time to rejuvenate the body and mind before plunging again into the stress of life. That’s the break you'll find when you connect with Morning Star United Methodist Men. Meetings are the third Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM at the church or a local restaurant. Join us for breakfast, man talk, devotions and a short meeting on how we can serve our church and our community.

Women’s Breakfast

Sue Groth at or Judy Burnham at

No cooking involved, nothing to bring, just wake up, get dressed and join the women of Morning Star at Chilito’s, 3850 Foothills Rd., #10. Fellowship and food begin at 8:00 AM on the fourth Monday of each month. Bring a friend, make new friends, or deepen an ongoing friendship. We love to visit and share about how God is in the stories of our lives. So come hungry and leave full.

Line Dancing

Contact Sharen Bloom at

Dust off your dancing shoes or your cowboy boots, and hit the floor in the Fellowship area every Sunday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm for line dancing.  It’s music, exercise and fun fellowship and best of all no experience is required.  No partners or special skills are needed, although the ability to distinguish your left from your right, count to 8, and not take yourself too seriously are a great help!   Several new dances are taught each month, ranging from beginner to easy intermediate.  Enjoy a wide variety of musical styles and if you have a favorite song, we’ll find a dance to match.  So bring the whole family, make some new friends, and get your body moving! 

Book Lovers Book Club Contact Dixie Felipe at

The club reads a variety of fiction and non fiction and does not focus on religious books.  Members are both men and women who enjoy reading. In October everyone suggests books for the following year and the group votes.  The person who suggested the book leads the discussion. In December the group meets for lunch and exchanges gifts of books.  If you love to read, please consider attending the book club, where you can share your favorites, accept challenges, have fun, and make friends while you are at it. Upcoming titles: “The Rosie Project,” “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand,” “Mink River,”  “An Irish Country Doctor.” The group meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 3pm in the church library.

Prayer Chain Contact Kathy Marques at

Share your prayer concerns and praise with the people of Morning Star in two ways:  Fill out the prayer area on the Connection card in the Sunday Bulletin and place it in the offering plate; or email our Prayer Chain Leader, Kathy Marques.   Prayer requests are sent via email to everyone on the prayer chain as soon as they are received.  Want to connect and pray for others? The prayer chain is for you!  Contact Kathy, and she’ll add you to the list.  

Dinners for Eight

Contact Barb Records at

It's time for a new season of Dinners for Eight!  Whether you are new to Morning Star or have been here for a while, if you want to really get to know people, consider signing up in August for new dinner groups which will begin meeting in September.  Groups of eight people are formed, some for those who wish to dine in member's homes, and some for those who prefer to go to various local restaurants. Groups meet on a monthly basis.  Each group decides when they will meet, and a leader arranges the first group meeting and then reminds the group members as another meeting time approaches. In December, all groups will join for a Christmas dinner party at a local restaurant.  Groups will meet from September through May, though some may wish to meet during the summer months as well.  For home groups, you can indicate on the signup sheet if you would prefer a group at which the hostess prepares the entire meal twice during the season, or if you want a group at which the hostess provides the main dish and others bring an assigned side dish.


Look for signup sheets in August at the connection station, and also be considering whether you would be willing to lead a group.  For further information, contact Barb Records at or Janet McQueen at

Wildcats Welcome Team

Contact Krista Michael at

Please consider joining one of Morning Star’s newest hospitality ministries, the Wildcats Welcome Team, named for the mascot of Camino Real Middle School.  Through this ministry, volunteers will extend a spirit of Christian hospitality to the students, families, and staff of Camino Real Middle School.  As students are dropped off for the start of the school day at 8:45 a.m. and return to waiting vehicles at the close of the school day at 3:45 p.m., meet and greet folks along the walking path and in the upper parking lot.  Help us spread the word about upcoming church events, pass out snacks, and get to know our next-door neighbors. To participate, please simply come to the church before or after school with a warm smile and friendly attitude ready to meet our neighbors

Morning Star Social Club

Contact Diana Goss at

or Sharon Peyton at

The MS Social Club is an opportunity for our middle aged crowd to get together and hang out!  We plan to get together once a month to do something fun like go to the movies, a local event, wine tasting, etc.. Just a chance to get together and do something fun with other Christians.

King’s Kids

Contact Carolyn Martinez at or

Marge Truesdell at

A Sunday morning Bible study for adults of any age who are "children of the King of Kings."  A wide variety of faith topics are explored, using various study materials.  All points of view are welcomed and lively discussions are the norm.  We meet at 9:45 AM in Room 101.

Springboard Adult Bible Study

Contact Barb Records at or Russ

Records at

Springboard offers five or six week video Bible studies, usually based on the church’s yearly seasons.  Normally, there are 10 to 12 participants and led by a facilitator. The class has been meeting for three years and touch on various cultural and Christian topics in a non-confrontational environment.


Contact Carylann at

Saturdays, Senior Chair at 11:15, and beginning yoga at 12:15

Catering to all abilities and levels of yoga experience, you’ll learn the basic flow in Yassa style class, that will focus on building strength, balance, and flexibility through power flows, stretching and standing postures. Facilitated by Carylann Williams.  .

Quilting Group

Contact Myrna Enslin at

Every month, on the third Tuesday, at 1:00 PM, the Common Area is filled with tables covered with bright colored cloth.  There is the time-honored tradition of laughter and love and sense of community as women cut fabric and design and sew quilts together.  Morning Star’s finished quilts are then donated to local families and shelter residents.  Check with Myrna regarding exact dates and connect with this group.

Men’s Bible Study

Contact Pastor Ross at

Come join Pastor Ross as he walks you through the Bible verse by verse.  Speed is not the point of this group.  If you want speed join, NASCAR; if you want to know and grow in Jesus then join this group.  They meet every Tuesday morning 8:30 to 9:30 am in Room 108. 


Women’s Bible Study

Contact Pastor Ross at

Come join Pastor Ross as he walks you through the Bible verse by verse.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn and make new friends.  If you want to know and grow in Jesus, then join this group every Thursday morning 8:30 am in Room 108. 


Wednesday Noon Bible Study

Contact Vern Smith at 

We meet, 12:00 – 1:00 PM most Wednesdays in room 108. Don’t expect a lecture, or a study guide.  This is an inductive style Bible study where all are encouraged to input their insights, ask their questions (not always answered right away), and share their thoughts about what applies to their lives.  Come and connect with us as we read through the Bible.


Grief Share Support Group

Contact Jackie Maxon at               

Meets during Tuesday Care Night from  6:30-8:00pm.  Anyone going through the death of someone close to them is welcome to join us.  Contact Jackie to register.

Senior Singles Luncheons

Contact Janet McQueen at

or Jessica Schierling at                         

All senior singles are invited to join this group once a month for luncheon and fellowship.  Luncheons are the third Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. and are always held at Sunset Grill at the Sonoma Ranch Golf Course Clubhouse.  Newcomers are always welcome!

Chip In Opportunities

Office Ministry 

Contact Diana Goss at

If you are good at office work or computers and would like to volunteer in the office, we  would love to have you! The office hours are primarily in the daytime.  We also need people to fold  bulletins on Thursday mornings.  Office volunteers answer phones, man the office and help people who come in.  Volunteers may also do data entry and work on the web site.

Media Ministry 

Contact Shawn Arroyos at

If your passion is anything high-tech, there are wonderful opportunities to serve with the media ministry team. Slide designer, slide presenter, mixing console operator,  video or photography. Your talents will be used in Sunday worship, special events and communications. It’s an exciting ministry that brings Morning Star alive and keeps it connected through many types of media. Training will be provided. Members have various schedules.

Sheepdog Security Ministry Team

Contact  Matt Goodwin at

If you would like to help protect the Morning Star flock before, during and after Sunday services become a part of this ministry team. Just like a sheepdog is attentive, trustworthy and actively watches and protects as a full-time member of its flock, members watch over Morning Star folks. They check the grounds and the church making sure all is safe for Sunday worship and Sunday school. During services they are alert for anything that might seem out of the ordinary. If you’re interested and have a heart to help keep Morning Star folks secure, join the team. Training will be provided and members of the team will serve on a rotation basis.

Connections team

Contact Stuart Davenport at

Do you love to talk to people? Are you passionate about connecting with the body of Christ and all that Morning Star has to offer? Are you looking for a place to serve? If you said yes to any of these questions, the connection team needs you! Please contact Stuart Davenport to discuss how you can serve on this team.

Connections guide

Commit to talk with people about opportunities for growth at Morning Star. Help people create a plan. Serve at one or two services a month, and all the services on “Chip in” Sundays.

Connections station

Commit to one or two services a month to welcome first-time visitors to Morning Star. You will hand out welcome bags, walk families to the children’s ministry area, hand out “The Connector” and answer general questions.

WGN Classes

(Begin October 11th)


Kids Bible Bash – 5:30 PM Bible Bash is energetic and revealing.  Kids will make friends and learn about God’s love.  Come join Pastor Ross and Angie Hereford as they gather and grow with the kids.  Class meets during WGN at 5:30pm.  Ages 5 – 11. FREE

Youth – 5:30 PM Michael Alvillar will lead our youth through the mine field of growing up.  Join the youth's small group for music, family events, and workshops. Grades 6-12 FREE

Movers & Shakers Walking Group -  5:30 PM Join this walking group during the 5:30 p.m. session of WGN.  Meet at the church, say a prayer together, and then break into groups of 2-4 people for a walk around the neighborhood.  Walkers often select a book to study during the WGN session reading a chapter each week in preparation to share in lively discussion during the walk.  Walkers may choose from several walking routes including the City of Las Cruces Alameda Arroyo Trail, adjacent to Camino Real Middle School (approx. 1.65 miles).  One or two walkers usually volunteer to coordinate the group throughout the WGN session.  These folks often lead the prayer and help facilitate the book discussion.  Mike Wilson and Krista Michael are co-coordinating the fall 2017 WGN session. We look forward to you joining us as we get moving!  Cost: Free or optional book purchase.

Times and Facilitators of the following to be announced at orientation:

Andy Stanley’s  What Makes You Happy: It's Not What You'd Expect is a six-session video study from pastor Andy Stanley where he reveals what makes you happy. He explores the three things all happy people have in common. Then he goes on to describe how these three things can be realities for you as well. So get ready. You are about to discover what makes you happy. $15

Cherish: A DVD Study, bestselling author Gary Thomas reveals how marriages can not only survive but actually thrive when husbands and wives learn to cherish each other. $15

Adam Hamilton in Half Truths, explores popular sayings that miss the point. They are simple phrases: "God helps those who help themselves," "Love the sinner, hate the sin," and others. They sound Christian - like something you might find in the Bible. We’ve all heard these words. Maybe we’ve said them. They capture some element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways. Discover the whole truth by comparing common Christian clichés with the wisdom found in Scripture. $25

Spiritually Strong is a six-week program designed to help you get in better shape spiritually and physically. As Timothy says, "For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" (4:8). This book teaches you how to train yourself in godliness through the implementation of six disciplines - Bible study, prayer, fasting, healthy living, financial stewardship, and serving others. $10

In Unashamed, Christine Caine believes that in order to change the future, we have to realize God is bigger than our mistakes, inadequacies, and limitations. In her 5-session DVD Study, Unashamed, she helps readers find freedom from believing they are fundamentally flawed and unworthy of acceptance and prepares them to step into their future - confident, dearly loved, created for a divine purpose. Most likely, you have people in your church who excel in prayer. They inhale heaven and exhale God. They are the Seal Team Six of intercession. But for others, spending even a few minutes with God each day can seem like a monumental task.

Before Amen, Max Lucado, a self-professed "recovering prayer wimp," reveals his personal struggles with prayer. He will show your church how he discovered that prayer is not a privilege for the pious or the art of a chosen few but a simple tool all believers have been given to have a conversation with God. Through the use of a simple, easy-to-remember, pocket-sized prayer that he distilled from the prayers in the Bible, he will lead your church members in building a prayer life that is stronger, better and deeper.  Helping your church members connect with God each day in prayer will mean all the difference in their lives and how they experience God. God changes people through such moments! $15

Rebekah Lyons, You are Free - You weren't made to keep up. You were made to be free. We all want to know exactly what we were made for. Yet a calling feels like something for an exclusive few. You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons reminds us that God has plans for each and every one of us and that abiding in God’s presence is how we run free. $15

Kyle Idleman’s, AHA! - Are there places in your life where you would like to experience an aha! moment? A moment of truth that renews your heart and mind bringing transformation? Maybe for you, it's a fear or a failure that you just can't shake. For some, it could be the need for approval, a food addiction, or an all-out rebellion that leads to a life of excess and shame, like the prodigal son. As a pastor, Kyle Idleman has heard dozens of stories from people about their aha! moments. In this newest book, he shares the common threads from their stories, and the story of the prodigal son that will help you reconnect with the love of our heavenly Father. Drawing on Scriptural truths, he outlines three key elements (Awakening, Honesty, Action) that will draw you closer to God and change your life for good. Includes study questions. $20

Feasts of the Bible - Enrich your worship of God by learning about the origin and symbolism of the Old Testament feasts and holidays given by God to his people with a six-session DVD-based study featuring Dr. Sam Nadler as your guide. Brought up in a traditional Jewish home, Sam came to believe in Jesus as Messiah. He served with Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries, and is now president of Word of Messiah Ministries. You will learn how the feasts are still relevant for our lives today, how God's redemptive plan is unveiled through the feasts, how Messiah Jesus is the fulfillment of the feasts and other exciting revelations. 
The sessions: (1) God's Redemptive Plan, Sabbath (2) Passover, Unleavened Bread, First fruits, (3) Pentecost, (4) Feast of Trumpets, (5) Day of Atonement, (6) Feast of Tabernacles. $20

Francis Chan’s, Forgotten God - In this dynamic companion to his book, Francis Chan reminds you of the true source of the church's power---the Holy Spirit. His 7-session DVD is designed to facilitate discussion, encourage interaction, and suggest practical applications. Accept his com-pelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow God's Spirit! $15

Mark Batterson’s, All In - A four-session video-based Bible study by New York Times bestselling author Mark Batterson, challenges participants to resolutely follow God wherever he leads by pointing out that if Jesus is not Lord of all, he is not Lord at all. $15

Stephen Ministry training: Feel called to help hurting people?  Become a Stephen Minister by completing an application and taking the training classes on Wednesday night starting in October. This class will go longer than the regular six week WGN schedule. Free. Contact Jan Spealman for info at

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