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Who We Are

The Full Story

For over 30 years Morning Star has been  "making new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world" (the mission statement of the United Methodist Church).  Our start was meager and humble, in the greenhouse of a landscaper's nursery. Over the years we have grown, by first moving to our current location and then by adding on slowly. In fact we enlarged our sanctuary again, enclosed some space and added on a little more space.

Our vision has never changed, we want to be inclusive to all of God's children through our worship, our outreach through service and missions, and to be a place where people and families can grow in Christ. We seek to create a place where questions are encouraged, where you will not be handed a theological checklist, where uncertainty is not the enemy of faith but its partner. You may occasionally be led to suspend your intellect. But you will not be required to sacrifice it.  

Morning Star is a growing, thriving church. Our invitational spirit is behind everything we do — all are welcome. At Morning Star, you’ll be welcomed just as you are, but we will challenge you to grow. You will experience meaningful worship, relevant teaching, and inspiring creativity. Growth Groups, our name for small groups, are where you will meet friends, grow in your faith, and find purpose and meaning. You will meet amazing kids and students of all ages who are learning first hand what it means to follow Jesus. You will be part of something bigger than yourself as we work together to impact our city and our world. We invite you to check us out and see for yourself.



What to

Morning Star is a casual, vibrant and fully welcoming community where everyone belongs.  You’ll find awesome environments for kids, students and adults that provide compelling messages, eclectic worship and the finest people around.

What We

We grow through practice.  
At Morning Star, we practice through:

Worship / GroupLife / Service / Prayer / Giving


When We
Do It

We worship together on Sundays at:

9:15A Contemporary Worship

9:15A Online

10:15A Sunday School Kids & Youth

10:15A Parables - A Story Telling Project

11:15A Traditional Worship


What We Believe


Prayer and meditation are essential. In a world where we are all addicted to being busy, regular prayer can help us break our habit of selfishness — and instead, open up and listen to what God is saying to us.


Worship is one way we express our love for God and give thanks to Him. Through regular worship, God teaches us through His word, draws us closer to one another, and transforms our lives.


Service helps us build relationships with those in our community. Scripture teaches that if we want to experience God, if we want to serve him, if we want to commune with him, then we need to be in relationship with those less fortunate than us.


Learning enables us to grow in our faith. Studying together opens us to the lives of others — others who are struggling with the same questions and issues — and builds the body of Christ by connecting people.


Giving opens up our hearts and hands to serve Christ and our community in new ways. Regular giving of our money, our resources and our time helps us to recognize that our love is meant to be a gift to others and not a treasure that we hoard for ourselves.

It is our mission to invite people to become deeply committed followers of Christ.

Morning Star exists to create a Christian community that

is compelling for new generations of people in Las Cruces.

Let’s Journey Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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